TIMER 3..22B

The ideal solution for the management of all billiards games operating at an hourly rate.


– For all specialities (from 3 to 22 balls + Ping-Pong).
– Battery powered only (lasting 8-12 years).
– For all countries (programmable monetary unit).
– 100% ball control (on a removable tray).



This billiard timer does not require an electrical power supply, thus eliminating the problems of an overload on the line or a sudden blackout. As a result, it may be set up practically anywhere one chooses. An internal lithium battery keeps the appliance on all the time for at least 8 years (average 10 years). The battery can be found in electronics shops.
Suitable for all countries because the value of each unit can be programmed (monetary unit); it can be: 0.05 0.10 0.20 0.50 1 2 5 10 20 50 100.

Two hourly rates which may be programmed from 10 to 500 clicks per hour. The second tariff may be employed for peak hours or for CLUB members. The choice of the rate is then made by pressing the TARIFF button.

A start-play (or game-opening) charge which may be programmed from 0 to 15 units in the event that one wishes to have a set start-play charge in addition to the hourly rate.

A register totalling 99,999 units.

In order to prevent unwanted tampering, programming, zeroing of the totalizer and accessing the internal parts of the appliance, these operations can be carried out only using the INSTALLATION key.

When the START PLAY key is turned, the front door opens and the count begins, as shown on the display terminal.

The balls are stored in an easily removable practical plastic tray which can be carried to the billiard table. The time count stops only when the tray is inserted with ALL the balls and the door is closed.

Sturdy metal container. The ball control mechanism is mechanical and of simple construction (patented). Just one micro-switch is used.

The simplicity and compactness of the electronics (10.5 x 6 cm: it fits in the palm of your hand), its isolation from the mains and its "zero" consumption make it very reliable throughout time (an annual breakage percentage lower than 3/1000).


LAMP CONTROL. It offers automatic lighting of the lampshade when the timer is counting and increases safety against cheating.
START FROM OPEN. Allows the time count to restart even if the door is open (by turning the START PLAY key). This is for changing players without having to replace the tray with all the balls.

HOURLY BANDS. Useful for taking advantage of peak hours, both daily and weekly. Three hourly rates can be programmed and they may alternate automatically on programmable hourly periods.


For billiards, table tennis, bowls, tennis, darts, tables for playing cards, golf, minigolf, bowling, virtual machines, time controlled video-games, internet rooms, solariums, saunas, air-hokey, professional billiard cues, bicycle, motorcycle, boat rental etc.


MICRO 8 has been designed mainly for running time controlled billiards, but can also be used wherever time is used for billing the user.


SIMPLE TO LEARN AND TO USE. An extremely strong keypad, with one button for each billiard and a small number of function keys makes it easy and quick to use.
RUNNING 8 BILLIARDS. Its low cost makes it convenient even for just two billiards. Other models are available for one billiard or more than eight billiards. The currency for any country can be programmed and the minimum tariff can be programmed for each billiard together with two hourly tariffs (normal and club). Programming mode and the totals (overall total is displayed with 9 digits, single totals are displayed with 8 digits), together with their visualization can be accessed only using a key. Another total can be displayed without a key for service personnel. An internal battery allows you to turn on MICRO 8 even during a blackout so you can view the sums due. This battery is NOT for keeping the data in memory which will remain even if the battery is removed.

It has a SMALL and STURDY insulated plastic case that does not need earthing. Wall mounting is simple, solid and immediate using 2 front screws.

Power supply: 220 V +10% -15%, 30 mA.
Dimensions: 21.3cm long, 12.3cm high, 5.6cm deep.
Weight: 750g.


Micro32 is a computer purposely studied and developed for the managing of billiard parlours and for all cases in which one wishes to charge for the time used on a given unit. The specialized designed without the use of a personal computer offers many advantages.



SIMPLE TO LEARN AND TO USE. A specially designed keyboard with a button for each table and only a few operational buttons makes the unit easy and quick to use. The tables in action are indicated by the red lights on the respective numbered buttons so you can have an immediate picture of the situation at the moment.
SMALL AND STURDY metal container (37 x 16 x 11 cm). Easy to set up, it may be placed on a table or fastened to a wall while taking advantage of relative inclined positions for better visualization and operation.

A PICTURE of the charges on a red display terminal which can be seen easily from a distance even by the customers. A picture of messages for the operator on a liquid crystal display terminal with two (2) lines of forty (40) characters each.

No use of discs for keeping data. The data remain in the memory bank for at least twenty (20) years without any need for maintenance. The clock inside the unit is used to manage the hourly bands and it too has a 20-years life span. The clock has been calibrated for a maximum error of only two minutes over the course of a year.

READY FOR RESALE: Small, easy to use, reliable, well built for shipment, no monitor or discs, a choice of five languages (English, Italian, German, French and Spanish) for the displayed messages as well as a choice of the monetary unit of any country whatsoever, it is supplied ready to be connected to the accessories (printer, lamp control, ball control).

MANAGEMENT of 32 tables, in regard both the charge due for the length of the game and that due for the food and drink consumed by the players, charges which can easily be assigned to the table involved. When the game is over, you will have available an account of the bar bill as well charge for the game.

PROGRAMMABLE RATES: the tables can be divided into 6 groups. Each group has a minimum game price, three normal hourly tariffs and three club tariffs (activated using the START CLUB button instead of the START button). The tariffs can alternate throughout the whole of the week by programming the hourly bands.

MANAGEMENT OF THE COUNT TOTALIZER with two keys, ideal for premises with employees. The SERVICE key permits your employees to manage separate and partial counts (for games and food and drink consumption). The INSTALLATION key is used to close the container so as to avoid mishandling, and it also permits access to the programming and to the display of different totalizers which govern separately the game and the food-and-drink charges. There are individual and general totalizers that can be reset to zero, with a recording of the hour and date of the last reset to zero, and there are general totalizers which cannot be reset to zero.

An internal battery allows the MICRO32 to be turned on in the event of electrical blackout so that you will be able to get a display of the charges due. That battery does NOT serve to keep data in a memory bank; such data will be retained however even if the battery is removed.

Set up with five (5) connection devices to connect the following accessories:

One (1) PRINTER, two (2) LAMP CONTROLS and two (2) BALL - CONTROLS.
Each BALL-CONTROL can control the balls for eight (8) or sixteen (16) tables (2 models).
Each LAMP-CONTROL can control the lights for four (4), eight (8) or sixteen (16) tables (3 models).
Each control mechanism may be positioned as far as one hundred (100) metres from the MICRO32, and the connection is made by means of a thin cable 4 mm in diameter. The control mechanisms may thus be set up in the best place for simplifying the connections to the lights or the ball-containers, and the MICRO32 can be positioned where it is most convenient for the operator. The unit lends itself ideally, therefore not only to new game rooms but also to existing rooms since it features a simple electrical system.

Power supply: 220Vac, 50mA Max.
Measurements: 37 cm long, 11 cm high, 16 cm deep.
Weight: 4.7 Kg.


ARTICLE CODES and photos:

- Art. 700... MICRO32 (Photo).
- Art. 710... DRUCKER (Photo).
- Art. 739... CONTROL-LAMP4 (Photo) for controlling 4 lamps.
- Art. 740... CONTROL-LAMP8 (Photo) for controlling 8 lamps.
- Art. 741... CONTROL-LAMP16 (Photo) for controlling 16 lamps.
- Art. 728... CONTROL-BALL4 (Photo) for controlling 4 ball containers (BOX).
- Art. 729... CONTROL-BALL8 (Photo) for controlling 8 ball containers (BOX).
- Art. 730... CONTROL-BALL16 (Photo) for controlling 16 ball containers (BOX).
- Art. 403.... BOX-3B for CARAMBOLE (3 Kugeln Ø61,5 mm) (Photo).
- Art. 403A.. BOX-3B for ITALIANA (2 x Ø68 + 1 x Ø59 mm) (Photo).
- Art. 404.... BOX-4B for 4 balls(4 x Ø61,5 mm) (Photo).
- Art. 409.... BOX-9B for 9 ballss (9 x Ø61,5 mm) (Photo).
- Art. 409A.. BOX-9B for 9 balls(8 x Ø59 + 1 x Ø54 mm) (Photo).
- Art. 416... BOX-16B for POOL, for controlling 16 balls (16 x Ø57 mm) (Photo).
- + Art. 446 SPACER 6mm in thickness for ENGLISH POOL balls (16 x Ø50-52 mm).
- Art. 416A. BOX-16B/52 for ENGLISH POOL, for controlling 16 balls (16 x Ø50-52 mm) (Photo).
- Art. 416B. BOX-16B/68 for RUSSIAN PYRAMID (16 x Ø68 mm) (Photo).
- Art. 422... BOX-22B for SNOOKER, for controlling 22 balls (22 x Ø52-54 mm) (Photo).
- Art. 402... BOX-PING-PONG for controlling 2 bats and one little ball (Photo).
- Art. 440... MINI-BOX for controlling a little ball (Ø35-40 mm) (Photo).


For the time operating of: videogames, lights for tennis courts, internet terminals, electronic scoreboards for darts, showers, aspirators, solariums, etc. …


For each model there are 4 possible different configurations according to the type of money acceptance.
The models for billiard control not only the electrical load (lights) but also the presence of the balls.


The COIN TIMER, other than all the billiard specialities, can also be used in many other sectors where the using time of goods or services has to be paid by inserting coins, tokens or bank notes. It can be used, for example, to turn on the night lights of a tennis court or for an electronic scoreboard for darts, for the operating of videogames by time, for internet terminals, showers, solariums, etc. ... The maximum cumulative time is 9 hours and 59 minutes.

The COIN TIMER can be supplied with a mechanical or electrical coin validator and/or a banknote validator (see the ARTICLE CODES), controlling up to 9 different types of coins or bank notes.

According to the value of the money that has been inserted and the hourly tariff that has been programmed, the corresponding time will be automatically loaded. You can arrange, if you wish, up to 3 different hourly rates that will automatically alternate on different time zones that can be programmed for the duration of a day or a week.

The COIN TIMER supplies 2 electrical contacts: one for service (SERVICE) to which the load to be controlled must be connected and a signalling one (ALARM) to which it is possible to connect a light that will remain alight during the last minute of the purchased time. Moreover an acoustic signal indicates when 2 minutes and 1 minute is left before the time is over.

The COIN TIMER for pool incorporates a container (BOX) which contains the tray for the balls. The BOX opens in the moment when the money is inserted. At the end of the acquired time, if the tray with ALL the balls is not inserted and the BOX closed, the acoustic signal will be heard, the electrical load connected to the SERVICE (light, electronic scoreboard etc. ...) will turn off and the ALARM light, if it has been connected, will start to flash. Moreover some special anti-fraud counters allow you to check for how long the ball BOX has been left open after the time is over, even without the use of electricity.

The general totalizer of the takings and the individual meter for coins and/or banknotes, other than the anti-fraud systems, ensure the maximum operating reliability, also without electricity. The visualizer has its own internal lithium battery that ensures complete operation for more than 7 years if it is not connected to the electrical supply.

Sturdy metal container that can be fixed to a wall.

Power supply: 220 Vac, 50-60 Hz, 250 mA MAX.
Maximum load applicable to the SERVICE and ALARM contacts: 5A, 250 Vac.